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Calling all designers, writers, and creative types

The scientific community and environmental movements are under attack. So they’re mobilizing, at the March for Science on April 22 and the People’s Climate March on April 29th. But they’re way too busy actually sciencing the out of everything and fighting for the planet to spend all of their time making signs for the marches.

Want to do something good with your talents? It’s high time for us in the advertising/marketing/selling/creative industry to use our powers to make the world a little better. For real.


Come on. You spend like 2 hours a day on Facebook at work anyway. Why not do this instead?

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What we need

Sign ideas that come in the form of any of the following:

  • Clever headlines
  • Creative sign concepts
  • Rough sketches
  • Illustrations
  • Fully fleshed out designs

Creative considerations

  • KEEP IT POSITIVE. Think of these marches less as protests, and more as celebrations, of all the reasons why science and the environment are things to love and protect.
  • Make them funny. Clever headlines and signs get noticed. Because let’s face it, pictures of the earth and hearts and hugs are boring.
  • Invite reinterpretation. Even it’s just a headline or a sketch, your sign could get shared around and reimagined into all different shapes and sizes.
  • Talk about what science means for the world. The fact that we know dinosaurs were a thing? Science. The fact that you didn’t die of smallpox or something as a child? Science. Those trying to stifle science are on the wrong side of history. Let’s show them why.
  • Show that scientists come in all flavors. It’s not just a bunch of cranky old white men in lab coats mixing stuff in beakers. It’s female physicists, Muslim meteorologists, black biologists, Asian astronomers, and everyone in-between.
  • Talk about renewable energy and how amazing it is. Solar and wind are now cheaper than fossil fuels and will do amazing things for our economy. Let’s spread the word!
  • No anti-Trump stuff. It’s a cheap shot and fun to come up with witty things to say about tiny hands and orange faces, but these marches are not the places for it.
  • Don’t be partisan. Let’s not alienate sensible conservatives who believe in science. This is for all of us — democrats, republicans, tea partiers, pirate partiers, etc. etc.
  • No making fun of people. Slow your roll on that snark and negativity. Science benefits even the skeptics. Everyone is affected by climate change. Let’s be inclusive.
  • No doom and gloom. Yes, it’s frightening that the earth is warming and we have an EPA-killer at the head of the EPA. But too much negativity makes people tune out.
  • Try to avoid polar bears, globes in hands, and other clichés. We’re badass creatives. We can do better than that.
  • But also don't obsess over tiny details. Think about that “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” hat. And look where that got him. We’re not trying to look corporate, and we’re short on time. Standout ideas are more important than pixel perfect designs.
  • need more inspiration? Look through our gallery.
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We’re a group of creatives who are inspired and jazzed up by all of the amazing activism and marching, and general giving a that’s happening over the place lately. We put this together in our free time, with our own money, not looking for anything in return—just looking to do something positive with our skills.

Want to say hi, complain, troll us, or anything else? Email us.


Create sign ideas for people going to the March for Science April 22, and the People’s Climate March on April 29th, and add them to this here site!

We need headlines, rough sketches, illustrations, or full designs for people to use and print. Keep them provocative, inclusive, and positive—but no anti-Trump stuff, negativity, or partisanship.

A photo of one DIY Women's March sign that reads 'A Woman's Place is in the Resistence' A photo of another DIY Women's March sign that also reads 'A Woman's Place is in the Resistence'
Great sign ideas inspire, spread, and amplify the right message. More examples
A photo of a series of signs commissioned by the Amplifier Foundation that reads 'We the People (are greater than fear/protect each other)' with illustrations of diverse women.
Sign ideas from Shepard Fairey for the Women's March. More examples
A painting on a metal fence on barren land that shows a man peeling back the metal to expose a paradise-like water and island scene.
Subversive, provocative, and positive. Banksy on the West Bank